A Mexican Drug Lord’s House Got Raided, What They Found Is Beyond Words

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A Mexican drug lord’s house was busted and let us just say… everything you would assume about a drug lord’s house is totally true. This raid was a few years ago, but these pictures are straight out of a movie.

Many of these pictures are pretty awesome, even though the arrest was not.

A gun with a gold Virgin Mary on the handle:
More gold guns…and lots of money.
A lot of what they found has been put in a museum.
The house that was raided.
A hot tub in a cave.
More exotic animals than most zoos.
A total of eight lions were found.
And a white tiger.
A lot of stolen art was also found during the raid.
Tons and tons of guns.
An unbelievable amount of cash. WOW.
More cash.
And even more cash and guns.
Cash was found everywhere.
Did we mention they found some cash?
More gold guns.
This drug raid is right out of a movie.

And then someone like me will post pictures about it.
: Reddit