Dancehall deejay Alkaline spent last night at a Kingston lock-up following an extensive interview with detectives yesterday.

Peter Champagnie, the deejay’s attorney, said his client has not been charged.

“He has been detained and is currently in the custody of the police. The continuation of the interview will go into tomorrow (today),” he told Splash.

Champagnie was unable to say where his client was being held.



Splash understands Alkaline is being held at the Hunts Bay Police Station in Kingston.

She added that Alkaline (given name Earlan Bartley) had been cooperating with detectives and his level of importance in the case would be known by the end of the interview.

Yesterday, Alkaline arrived at Area 4, Harman Barracks in Vineyard Town at 9:25 am for questioning in relation to the death of Rohan Morris. He came in a black Land Rover and was accompanied by his lawyer and two other men.

Champagnie left at 10:50 am for a court commitment, leaving his client with detectives.

Alkaline emerged at 11:48 am from a side door at Area Four Crime Unit and was led to a vehicle by an officer who held him by the back of his shirt. Splash understands he was to attend a second interview at the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) office at the NCB Towers on Oxford Road in St Andrew.

According to police reports, Morris was murdered at his Maverley home in St Andrew on January 13, 2017.