Beyonce Arguing And Doesn’t Like Mother’s New Boyfriend

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Screen shot 2013 10 31 at 7.36.52 AM Beyonce Arguing And Doesn’t Like Mother’s New Boyfriend

Uh oh! We all know Beyonce is VERY close to her mom, Tina Knowles, but there may be some drama brewing over mama Knowles new man! We toldya mama Knowles is dating actor Richard Lawson. The two were all booed up at the Angel Ball in New York City back in October. An eyewitness even said the couple was “very cute together” at the swanky affair. However…word is Beyonce aint feelin’ Richard! Sources say Bey is “worried” about Tina’s new romance with actor Richard Lawson due to his Scientology beliefs. In fact, since the new couple started dating, they’ve attended a string of scientology events and Tina’s now showing interest in the religion.

FYI…scientology is one of the most controversial religions in the world and its believers are mostly rich white folks.

“Beyonce is arguing with her mom because Tina is dating Richard, who is a practicing Scientologist,” says the source. “Beyonce is dead-set against the religion and is worried her mom is getting sucked in.” It’s no secret Beyonce, who is currently in Australia on tour, is a devoted Christian, along with her family.

And the insider claims she’s scared that Tina is being swept-up in this new romance. “Beyonce and husband Jay Z are wary of the religion and are trying to get Tina to be a bit more cautious,” says the source. “The relationship is causing big problems between daughter and mother.”

But mama Knowles told Beyonce to fall back…she can handle her own love life!

Girl…do yo thang!

What do you think…should Beyonce butt out?


What do you think?