The British Home Office has told a Jamaican man being deported today, that he can talk to family online, after removal.

30 year old Arthur Muir, a father of two is among dozens of Jamaicans to be removed from the UK on a Wednesday morning flight.

According to reports in the Guardian News yesterday, Muir was on suicide watch at Dungavel Detention Centre before being moved to London.

Muir, went to the UK at age 13, and was previously deported from Britain after a teenage conviction for selling drugs.

His wife says they have tried to secure Muirs British residency by marrying, then living together in Germany and Ireland before returning to the UK.

However, his new application to remain was rejected because his wife does not earn the required 19 pounds spousal visa,  a financial hurdle upheld by the supreme court last month.

Mrs Jackson-Muir said her husband had been held incommunicado in a police cell for five days having been picked up in Aberdeen after going on the run from immigration control.

Case workers at the Unity Centre, a Glasgow-Based Migrants’ Rights Group, have highlighted a number of cases of people who have lived in the UK for their entire adult lives who will be forced to leave behind British spouses and children to return to a country many have not seen since they were children.