Published On: Sat, Feb 11th, 2017

Jamaica Government to Divest in Two Entities

The government will move this year, to divest its interest and shareholding in two entities: the Jamaica Public Service JPS and the Norman Manley International Airport.

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen says the government will begin the process of privatizing its remaining shareholding in JPS this year. The administration wants Jamaicans to  have ownership in the company.

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen.

Meanwhile, on the matter of the airport, the government last year appointed an enterprise team to examine its operations.

Against the background of the significant funds and resources pumped into the operation of the airport, it was recommended that the facility be divested.

The Governor General says the move to divest, is in keeping with its public sector transformation agenda.

And economic growth and job creation remain key areas for the government for the next fiscal year.

Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen, delivered the throne speech this morning at the Ceremonial Opening of Parliament, outlining the government’s plans and programmes for the fiscal year 2017-2018.

He says, Jamaica is on a new path, with the administration demonstrating a willingness to take the prudent and thoughtful decisions, for the benefit of all Jamaicans, and building on true partnerships of the last year, the country has a firm foundation for prosperity.

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Jamaica Government to Divest in Two Entities