A woman, who was arrested and charged with murder after setting her common-law husband on fire last month, is to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court today.

The deceased­­, 44-year-old Kenton Brown, was allegedly lit by 36-year-old Senita Blair while he was asleep at his home on Espeut Avenue, off Waltham Park Road in Kingston.

The police’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) reported that about 11:00 pm on May 23, a dispute developed between the couple.

It is alleged that Blair later doused Brown with a ‘flammable substance’ and lit him.


The woman said she was in St Thomas on May 24, when she was informed of the incident.

Looking confused as she sat on the verandah next to the bedroom where the incident took place, she told the Observer that she rushed to the hospital.

“When I arrived at the hospital he was burnt from his head to his knees. I didn’t recognise him but when I looked on his hand where he had a scar, that is how I knew it was him,” she continued, adding that his entire body was swollen.

“The doctor told me that 80 per cent of his body was burnt and so it was critical. He could not talk because he was heavily sedated and was on life support. They told me that it was a 50/50 chance that he might pull through,” the woman said.

At that time, she began making enquiries about the children.

The woman said she was relieved when she was told that the children were okay and that they were staying with a friend.