More S*x In Dance-Hall Videos: Ricky Carty – Gyal Tek It

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On the heels of Demarco’s s*xually explicit music video for the single Ride It, another dancehall act has released an even more daring music video, which literally shows himself having sex with an unidentified female while delivering his lyrics.

The artiste who goes by the name Ricky Carty, says he filmed his music video from last December and intended to release it this year. However, it appears Demarco had a similar inspiration and beat him to the punch.

The song is called Gyal Tek It and shows a fully nakked female performing oral s*x on the young entertainer while looking straight into the lens of the camera. Following the oral s*x scene, the deejay then sets the female in several Kama Sutra positions while engaging in s*xual intercourse.

According to the deejay, dancehall is experiencing a revolution.

“Ricky Carty is an entertainer and my job is to entertain, so that is what I am doing. I sing a song about s*x and that is exactly what I was depicting in my video. For those who have a low IQ, I am just making their lives easier by showing them the real images,” the artiste said.

The entertainer says the music video has been deleted twice by YouTube.com. However, his name has been trending on twitter.

“Some say they don’t like it and some are saying they like the revolution. The naysayers are mostly men, but the women love it,” Ricky Carty said.

The Gyal Tek It deejay did not want to reveal the identity of the female who appeared as his s*x partner in the video. However, he says she knew he was going to release the video.

Gyal Tek It will be released on the controversial Word Star Hip Hop website in coming days. Carty is also working on a new project with Just Vibes Production, and will be featured on a Triple 5 Records-produced rhythm called Badess Rhythm in February.

Other dancehall artistes who released sexually explicit music videos prior to Gyal Tek It include Tommy Lee Sparta with Psycho, which featured topless strippers, Konshens and Leftside’s Clap That Booty which was filmed in an exotic club and featured nude strippers, and Alkaline’s Not A Slack Song,which featured a topless dancer.