Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

PNP Party Nominated New Leader Set To Become PNP President

Dr Peter Phillips will become the president of the People’s National Party (PNP), when current leader Portia Simpson Miller steps down on April 2. At close of nomination at midday on Friday, Phillips was the sole nominee.

Phillips was nominated on Wednesday, with party officials turning out in their numbers to show their support.

This is the third time that Phillips’ name will be on the ballot to take control of the party. He will now seek to first unite the party, that has been split since 2006, when then Prime Minister PJ Patterson stepped down. The divide came about after Phillips challenged the front runner for the post, Simpson Miller, and lost.

Simpson Miller, after approximately one year in office, called a general election and lost, which Phillips used as an opportunity to contest for the position once again, but was defeated another time by Simpson Miller.

The party remained fractious, although it simmered when Simpson Miller defeated Andrew Holness at the polls in 2011, to take control of the government.

However, tensions were raised once again during the campaign leading up to last February’s general election, which culminated with the PNP being defeated at the polls. After the General Election loss, Simpson Miller came under intense pressure within the party to demit office and finally gave in to an April 2 departure.

FEATURED PHOTO: Dr Peter Phillips with supporters after being nominated to replace Portia Simpson Miller as president of the PNP on Wednesday.

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PNP Party Nominated New Leader Set To Become PNP President