The controversial statements recently made by Lloyd Coxsone of Sir Coxsone Outernational Sound in the UK continues to raise the eyebrows of those in the industry.

In a recent video which went viral the veteran sound system operator blasted the Jamaican reggae industry and David Rodigan for what he claims is a disrespect and misappropriation of the music and sound system operators.

Music News spoke with some key members of the sound system fraternity to hear their views on Coxsone’s statements.

Geefus from Stone Love is in support of Lloydie’s views

Selector Foota Hype also agrees

While Bass Odyssey’s Keith Walford believes a number of persons have played a part in pushing the music forward, he shares that no specific title should be saved for anyone. However, he is of the opinion that David Rodigan has indeed played his part.

Meanwhile David Rodigan has declined to comment.