Published On: Sun, Feb 12th, 2017

United States Embassy encourages youth through special screening of ‘Hidden Figures’

The US Embassy hosted a special screening of award-winning movie “Hidden Figures” at the Palace Cineplex in Kingston last Friday.

“Hidden Figures,” is a fact-based drama about the contributions of black female mathematicians to the U.S. space program.

Part of the aim was to encourage more young women to overcome all obstacles in fulfilling their potential, according to Public Affairs Officer for the US embassy Joshua Polacheck.

Polacheck also noted that though women make up 60 per cent of Jamaica’s university population, they are massively underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) field.

“We want to encourage anyone from a five year-old girl all the way to university or graduate student that they can overcome all these obstacles,” he said.

He also pointed out that the screening was also in observance of Black History Month.

“We remember in February the contributions that African Americans have made to American glory and has part of that we also have to remember that even today, African Americans and especially women still face significant obstacles to fulfilling their full potential,” Polacheck said. “This movie shows how African Americans, but especially African American women were essential to the most glorious points of US history.”

Scores of students from the secondary and tertiary levels as well as from the US Embassy alumni and members of government attended the screening.

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United States Embassy encourages youth through special screening of ‘Hidden Figures’